Pars Matin Nowar Iranian Company (Pars Nowar) started its commercial activity since 2005 by importing melamine and PVC edge bands from the Turkish company Roma plastik. And later continued its activity in conjunction with the follow-up cooperation with the Turkish company Portakal. In addition to the continued import of PVC tapes from both Turkish companies. After a period of time and based on market requirements, it imported Victor brand PVC strips from China, and finally based on its self-sufficiency and lack of need for foreign products, it established a factory for the production of PVC edge strips in 2011. Our company introduces edging strips to the market under its own trade name, Tara. This company has sought to introduce its products to the market and provide them with the highest quality in order to reduce the problems facing consumers to the least possible extent.

It is necessary to mention here some of the advantages of Tara PVC edging strips

Variety in sizes including standard thickness and width within the following range:

The thickness is from 1mm to 2mm and the width is from 19mm to 54mm.
Highly tight adhesion and high tensile-bending resistance through the use of the best European primers that play the role of an adhesive activator on the back surface.
Matching the background color of the printed model with the thickness of the body (which is called the tape core) with the technical knowledge of color matching in addition to observing the principles of homogeneity.
It does not turn white or fade after dynamic processes such as polishing and milling.
The conditions and terms of production are compatible with the weather conditions of the four seasons, through the use of standard equation methods for the conditions, as well as adjusting the temperatures of the raw materials and the product by classifying them according to their type and thickness.
The ability to send and deliver tapes quickly to all parts of the country.


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