Pars Matin Navar Iranian Co. (Pars navar) has started its productions ‎since 2005 with the import of melamine edge band and pvc edge band ‎from Roma plastik company Turkey.‎

After a while, based on increasing demand, importing pvc edge band ‎from brand of Victor from China was started by Pars Matin Navar Iranian ‎company.‎

Finally, with regard to self-sufficiency and non-dependence on non-‎Iranian products in this field, in 2011, the pvc edge band production was ‎established.‎

The pvc edge band has been launched to market with brand of Tara.‎ The company has tried to launch its products with the best quality, ‎making them more consumer-friendly.‎

Pars Matin Navar Iranian Co. is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of ‎matt and shiny PVC edges for MDF sheets, sheets of mdf High gloss and ‎Letron, as well as all types of PVC sheets.‎

The company produces its own pvc edge band in the following standard ‎sizes.
‎2 * 54‎
‎2 * 35‎
‎1 * 20‎
‎2 * 20‎
‎0 .4 * 20‎


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