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پارس متین نوار ایرانیان

کیفیت حاصل بیش از یک دهه تلاش مستمر

Iranian Pars Matin Nowar Company (Pars Nowar) started its activity since 2005 by importing melamine and PVC edge bands from Turkish Roma plastik company. Later, it continued its activity in conjunction with the follow-up of cooperation with the Turkish company Portakal. In addition to the continued import of PVC tapes from the two Turkish companies. After a period of time and based on the market demands, it imported Victor brand PVC edge bands from China, and finally based on self-sufficiency and no need for foreign products, it set up a factory to produce PVC edge bands in 2011. Our company introduces PVC edge bands in the market with the brand name Own business, “Tara”. This company has sought to put its products on the market and provide them with the highest quality in order to reduce the problems facing consumers to the least possible extent.

نوار ام دی اف نوار تارا نوار پی وی سی نوار mdf نوار pvc نوار tara نوارلبه پی وی سی نوارلبه تارا پی وی سی

Marketing structure

Scientifically design and implement the sales model
Classifying and arranging the sales market into two parts, local and foreign
Defining and defining the sales process in the different sections of the market
Field research for commercial agents and sales agents
Marketing research
Monitor and control the relevant components of the market

Analyzing the customer’s shopping cart

Exact knowledge of customer requirements
Find out which products are most accepted by customers
Assist in managing production and warehouse assets
Classification of products and coverage of sales and disposal channels
Knowing the behavior of a segment of customers who have an interest in a particular product

نوار لبه پی وی سی تارا با استفاده از پلیمرهای کلاس بالا تولید می شود

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